Technological Innovation
The technological innovation is the developmental foundation of Chery. Chery designed the technical roadmap of “One Line & Five Floors”. From definition of automobile to development, production, sale, aftermarket and remanufacturing cycle, Chery has performed investment and R&D into the full value chain of automobile. From core technologies of gasoline vehicles to new energy vehicle technologies, intelligent interconnection, piloted driving, mobile travel and sharing technology, Chery constantly consolidated corporate core competitiveness with technological innovation, and created star products that consumers need.
Management Innovation
The guarantee mechanism of sustainable innovation is the core for the Chinese brand to develop into a world-class brand. Through the management innovation, Chery has accumulated valuable experience and wisdom in line with its own development, summarized and formed a complete set of standardized and promotable “Sunflower Bible” including Chery's production system and Chery's quality management system.
Industry Innovation
Through innovative industry incubation and capital operation mode, Chery Group has become an incubator for emerging industries and listed companies. Chery has incubated industrial robot, aviation industry, modern agricultural equipment, intelligent interconnection, automobile finance, tourism real estate and other emerging industries. 4 out of 12 strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province are derived from Chery.
Industrial Ecosystem
New Energy Vehicle

New Energy Vehicle:

The new energy vehicle industry is one of Chery’s key investment and development industries. In addition to enhancing competitiveness of its own new energy products, Chery attaches great importance to strengthening cooperation between upstream and downstream industries of the industrial chain to drive clustering of supporting enterprises and related industrial enterprises , thereby injecting “green energy” into regional economic development.

In terms of cultivating the industrial ecology, Chery is committed to promoting deep integration of automobile manufacturing with information communication, AI, new energy, new material and other technologies. Based on the new energy vehicle industry chain, Chery laid out battery pack, motor, vehicle controller, T-BOX communication control module and TSP IoV platform, etc. in the upstream industries, and automobile finance company, online car-hailing vehicle platform, new energy vehicle operation company, etc. in the downstream industries, thereby achieving overall layout of new energy vehicle industry chain.

Automobile Finance

Automobile Finance:

Financial support is inseparable to strengthen the main business of the automobile industry. Chery Group officially has started its layout in the automobile finance industry since 2009. Chery HuiYin Motor Finance is the first professional automobile finance company approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and jointly funded by Chinese self-brand automobile companies and Chinese local banks. According to 2018 China Consumer Auto Financing Sales Satisfaction Study (CFS) released by an internationally authoritative rating agency J.D. Power, Chery HuiYin Motor Finance ranked first in the non-luxury vehicle market segment. Up to now, Chery FS has more than 2,000,000 personal loan customers, and more than 3,000 online partners; cumulative issued loans exceeded RMB 200 billion. Its scope of business covers more than 300 cities in 31 provinces.

Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Aftermarket:

Chery Group focuses on the back end of automobile ecological industry chain. In terms of the automotive aftermarket business, Chery Group has invested in cultivating “Auto Finance & Service” and “Bees Auto Supermarket”. Chery’s automotive aftermarket business, with Auto Finance & Service chain as a bond, with automobile accessories as basic business, with second-hand vehicle as core business, creates an aftermarket ecosystem that integrates people, vehicles and service stations. “Auto Finance & Service” is an internet trading platform focusing service chain and automotive parts and components trading, which can achieve the link between vehicle owners and service stations; “Bees Auto Supermarket” is an internet trading platform integrating trading, maintenance, certification and others of the second-hand vehicles, which can ensure that the trading of the second-hand vehicles is transparent, safe and reliable.

Mobile Travel

Mobile Travel:

With the development of the sharing economy, a growing number of consumers choose online car-hailing vehicle and automobile leasing, and the scales of users and market continue to be expanded. Online car-hailing vehicle and automobile leasing have become an important battle field. Aiming at emerging business type of mobile travel, Chery Group has invested in cultivating a mobile travel brand “Maika Travel” in the modern service industry sector.

Maika Travel online car-hailing vehicle platform is Chery’s new attempt at “green travel & sharing economy” business mode. Since its operation, Maika Travel has brought consumers intelligent, efficient and convenient travel experience. The project operation is based on rigorously-screened well-trained certificated drivers on Maika platform and professional vehicles, so that the users can enjoy professional, safe, high-quality travel service while gaining a high degree of safety, which is widely praised by users.

By the end of 2020, the number of vehicles operating on the “Maika Travel” platform is expected to exceed 7,000. In the coming three years, Maika Travel is to create an online car-hailing vehicle platform with a scale of 50,000+ vehicles.

Recycling Economy

Recycling Economy:

In the recycling economy, Chery Group, as one of China’s earliest companies focusing on green development, established a subsidiary Anhui Province Recycling Resources Technology Co., Ltd. in 2004, focusing on research and development of recycling resources. Through a dozen years of efforts, Chery Recycling Resources Technology has developed into a comprehensive recycling resources company integrating recycling, remachining and remanufacturing. In 2008, the company was approved by National Development and Reform Commission as an automotive parts and components remanufacturing pilot enterprise; in 2014, the company obtained certification of engine remanufacturing ISO9001 system; in 2016, the company was listed on the New Three Board; in 2018, the company was recognized as Anhui Province New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Pilot Enterprise”.

Industrial Robot

Industrial Robot:

As an important carrier of intelligent manufacturing, the robot is known as “the pearl on the crown of manufacturing industry”. In the industrial robot field, Chery has incubated Chinese leading enterprise with the largest production and sales volume of home-made industrial robots - EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (EFORT). EFORT is also the first Chery-incubated company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

EFORT used to be an Equipment Manufacturing Department with less than 10 employees affiliated to Chery Equipment Department. In the past, the industrial robots on the domestic automobile production lines were imported; therefore, related technologies were restricted by the suppliers. To master automobile high-end equipment core technologies, Chery established Wuhu Chery Equipment Co., Ltd. to independently research and develop “Made in China” industrial robots. With the increasing development of technical strength and business, in August 2007, the industrial robot business became independent from Chery system. EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. emerged as the times required, and has rapidly grown into the first echelon enterprise in Chinese industrial robot industry.

Driven by leading enterprises, Wuhu, where Chery’s headquarters is located, has built a national-level Wuhu Robot industrial park and a Wuhu Robot Industry Incubation Base. After years of development, Wuhu’s robot industry cluster district has become an important base of Chinese robot industry, where the robot enterprises from all walks of life “give full play to their own strong points”. Some excellent robot enterprises have broken through key core component technologies, and took the lead in achieving localization of core parts and components, its approximation to international first-rate level in the robot body structure, increasingly-mature all-industry-chain development trend in the robot system integration. The self-developed home-made industrial robots have been applied to automobile manufacturing, medicine, sanitary ware, brewing and other fields. The robot industry has become one of the pillar industries of Wuhu local economic growth.

Modern Agricultural Equipment

Modern Agricultural Equipment:

Under the guideline of national industry development policies, Chery Group successfully incubated a modern agricultural machinery industry cluster development base with outstanding characteristics and obvious advantages in Wuhu Anhui. Being one of the first batch of 14 strategic emerging industry development bases in Anhui Province, such base has clustered well-known enterprises such as Zoomlion, Y&C Engine, Guwang Dryer, Pengxiang Axle, Electrical Machinery, Jinguang Auto Parts, etc., forming a complete industrial ecosystem of modern agricultural machinery.

As of September 2019, Wuhu modern agricultural machinery base has developed into a manufacturing base with the completest agricultural equipment products series, from only two settled enterprises in the beginning to more than 100 settled enterprises involving machinery production, core parts and components and industry chain supporting (including 81 industrial enterprises above designated size), output value exceeding RMB 17.7 billion. Such base has achieved rapid growth and improvement in industrial scale, product types and product quality, with many indicators ranking top in China.

Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry:

Based on independent R&D advantages of automobile engine, Chery allied with CETC Wuhu Diamond Aero Engine Co. Ltd. to develop aero engine, which fills the gap in key core technologies of local aviation industry.

Today, the general aviation industry has become one of Wuhu’s local strategic emerging industries, clustering more than 50 aviation industry chain projects. With the entry of projects in the industrial segments, the full industrial chain of the general aviation, involving R&D, manufacturing and operation came into full play, achieving independent production of general aircraft, UAV, aero engine, propeller, avionics system, simulator, aviation components and accessories, and other products in the general aviation manufacturing industry chain. Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park was successively approved as one of National General Aviation Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Areas, Anhui Provincial Strategic Emerging Industries Cluster Development Test Base, Anhui Provincial General Aviation Military-Civilian Integration Industry Base and Anhui Provincial Special Aviation Town.

Tourism Real Estate

Tourism Real Estate:

With China’s consumption upgrading and industrial structure adjustment, the automobile camping industry is regarded by the industry as the “next trillion-level” emerging industry. The automobile camping business has been laid out since 2012, and has been built as one of Chery Group’s seven business sectors. In just a few years, Chery Group has cultivated a leading enterprise in national RV camping real estate industry - To Journey, established a national camping base network layout, and formed high-end RV manufacturing capability through joint venture and cooperation with American REV Group.

The reasons why Chery Group develops the automobile camping industry are that, Chery Group accurately masters national industry policies and market demands, and wants to achieve resources sharing and mutual supplement of automobile ecosystem, automobile after-service market and automobile manufacturing business based on its own manufacturing industry advantages. To Journey currently has 8 regular camps and 52 franchising camps on a national scale.

Internationalized Development
Taking the lead in going abroad. “Made in China” Business Card
Adhering to the concept of “not stable without domestic market, not strong without overseas market” from the beginning of its development, Chery unswervingly has followed the path of internationalized development road. By advancing overseas localized development according to local conditions and taking an active part in construction of “community of human destiny”, Chery has gradually grown into a Chinese brand involved deeply in the global value chain, thereby contributing “Chery Plan” for Chinese brands to advance global strategy.
  • First stage (1.0 period)

    Before 2013, Chery has successfully “gone global”, with the developing countries as the entry point, to grasp trade opportunities and expand overseas markets.

  • Second stage (2.0 period)

    During 2014 and 2020, Chery “went in” to actively lay out in emerging markets, implement active planning and management, enhance marketing capability and promote brand construction.

  • Third stage (3.0 period)

    After 2020, Chery will “go up” to complete its global layout, fully implement its brand strategy, and become a globally competitive international first-rate brand.

  • As of November 2020, Chery globally has established R&D bases in Wuhu (headquarters), Shanghai, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Brazil, 10 overseas plants, and more than 1,500 dealers and service dealers. Overseas total production capacity reaches 200,000 vehicles/year. Chery Group has exported its automobile products to more than 80 countries and regions, including 46 countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”.

  • On November 3, 2020, Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit 2020, guided by Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, State-owned Assets Supervision And Administration Commission of the State Council, and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and hosted by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, based on global brand construction achievements, Chery Automobile won the honor of “2020 Chinese Enterprise Global Image Top 20 (“the Belt and Road” Version)”, ranking top 10 which included Huawei, Lenovo, Alibaba and other companies. It is the fifth time that Chery has won this honor. Moreover, in the sub-industry list, Chery ranked first in the automobile industry.

  • Chery Automobile has won the honorary title of “Most Popular Chinese Automobile Brand” in Russia four times; and Effie Awards in Chile, known as marketing award “Oscar”. Moreover, TIGGO 3, TIGGO 5, ARRIZO 7 and other vehicle models successively won the honor of “Cars of the Year Award” in Brazil, Chile and other countries.

  • Chery has established four professional plants with complete processes through sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation in Brazil, Russia and other countries. Represented by Brazil Industrial Park, the automobile industrial park for vehicle and main parts and components supporting has been established to achieve output of complete industry chain, which enhanced comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese brands in the global market.

  • In the overseas development process, Chery always regards itself as a member of economic and social development for the countries where Chery is located, actively fulfills corporate social responsibility, supports local public welfare establishments, such as disaster relief, environmental protection, education, and people’s livelihood, and practices its commitment of Chinese brand to local users, partners and the public.