Intelligent Interconnection

In the context of the current automotive technology revolution, intelligent interconnection technology, as a basic generic technology, not only supports development of automobile “New Four Modernizations”, but also is major strategic need to ensure safety of national information network and promote upgrading of national automobile industry.

In the automobile intelligenceization, Chery has carried out research and development based on active safety technology as early as 2010. Since 2018, in order to promote layout of automobile intelligence business and build core capabilities of meeting Chery’s intelligence business needs, Chery has integrated internal resources and carried out external cooperation in technology and capital, focusing on intelligent interconnection, piloted driving, data operation, intelligent manufacturing and mobile travel service.

In April 2018, Chery officially released the intelligenceization brand strategy - “CHERY LION”; in March 2019, Chery upgraded the intelligentization business into Chery Group’s the seventh largest business sector, with its subsidiary Wuhu Lion Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd. (Lion Tech) as an operating entity. Based on the automobile software business, through integrated resources and chained innovation, Lion Tech develops automobile software and intelligent and digital products, and performs digital operation to serve vehicles and users; achieves automotive full-circle value management involving design, manufacturing, sale, after-sale and user application, and promotes upgrading and digital transformation of automobile industry.

Under the guidance of the established strategic goal, in order to accelerate the intelligentization upgrading, Chery Group successively set up the R&D center of intelligentization in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhu, etc., increased introduction and training of intelligentization talents. Currently, Chery Group has more than 1,000 talents in the intelligent automobile business, who have many years of R&D experience in the intelligent interconnected automobile field. Chery Group has preliminarily formed R&D capability in intelligent driving, intelligent interconnection, mobile travel and other core technologies.

In the external R&D resources, YANG Shanlin and LI Deyi academician workstations are set up to separately provide intellectual support for key technologies of automobile big data and intelligent driving; in 2011, “Anhui Provincial IoV Engineering Technology Research Center” was established after approval to carry out construction of IoV technology development and engineering application platform, which has become a major scientific research and production base for IoV technologies and products in China.

In the scientific research projects, based on independently carrying out research of the third generations of intelligent interconnected automobile, the intelligentization team has also undertaken 9 national and provincial intelligent automobile projects.

 In the intelligent interconnected automobile, Chery has applied for more than 500 patents and more than 200 granted patents, of which the patent of “method and device of obtaining driving status information” won the honor of the 12th China Patent Excellence Award. In other achievements, “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Platform-based Development and Technology Application” won the second prize of 2018 Anhui Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress; “Research and Application of Key Technologies for Unpiloted Driving Based on Intelligent Transportation and IoV” won the honor of “IOT Integrated Innovation and Fusion Application Project” granted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2018; in 2019, “Communication System Applied to Aided Driving or Unpiloted Driving Vehicle” project headed by Chery, was successfully shortlisted into “New-generation AI Industry Innovation Key Task Finalists” printed and issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

In the Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) technology, Chery began to conduct V2X-related research in 2012, and achieved demonstrations of rear-end collision warning, intersection collision warning, emergency electronic brake light, lane change warning and other V2V scenarios. Currently, Chery has developed three generations of V2X verification platforms, and completed prototype development of Beyond Visual Range (BVR) sensing technology function based on roadside sensing and V2X communication; completed development of cloud platform function of achieving dispatching, management and remote driving of the intelligent vehicles, and built a basic intelligent transportation system that provides the piloted driving vehicles with the sensing service and control decision. In order to verify actual application of V2X on open roads, Chery built a 4.4 km demonstration road, and developed collision warning at intersections without traffic lights, lane change assistance/Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), video transmission between fleets, forward accident vehicle alert, traffic light signal alert + vehicle speed guidance, construction section alert, intersection pedestrian alert and more than 10 V2X typical application scenarios, which have made good verifications in improving transportation efficiency and driving safety. In addition to equipping V2X technology onto the traditional vehicles to perform safety warning and aided driving application, Chery has also launched R&D of key technologies for deep integration of V2X and unpiloted driving. Currently, Chery has completed development of intelligent vehicle call-up, intelligent parking lot and other scenarios, and verified capability of V2X as unpiloted driving sensing communication link to sense the environment. Moreover, based on the 5G demonstration park, Chery completed the construction of 5G-based piloted driving prototype system.

In the intelligent cab, Chery achieved application of intelligent cloud interconnected driving system onto Chery series products in 2016; Chery has achieved application of “Lion Intelligent Cloud 1.0” system onto TIGGO 8, ARRIZO GX, ARRIZO EX and other vehicle models in 2018; Chery has implemented “AI and interconnected ecological integration” in 2019, including “AI Image Processing”, “Enhanced Face Recognition” and other technologies, which have been equipped with TIGGO 8, EXEED and other new products. Lion 4.0 Intelligent Cloud System was applied onto EXEED TXL and TIGGO 8plus vehicle model in 2020. Intel 4-core 2.0 GHZ processor equipped with Lion 4.0 Intelligent Cloud System is characterized by fast computing rate, full integration function, and supporting AR enhanced live navigation; moreover, it has powerful capability of semantic comprehension.

In the intelligent data business, Chery has completed development of Telematics1.0 platform in 2014, which can achieve functions of two electric vehicle models, including vehicle positioning, vehicle status inquiry, remote diagnosis, vehicle operating statistics analysis, etc.; in 2017, Chery has completed development of Telematics2.0 platform, built standard, safe, open unified IoV platform architecture, and achieved full coverage of IoV business of fuel vehicle + new energy vehicle + hybrid vehicle; Currently, the platform can provide vehicle owners of different vehicle models with IoV service through OBU, mobile phone and application website, serving a total of 400,000 Chery’s vehicles.

Due to powerful innovation strength and patent achievements, in the ranking of “2019 Automobile Patent Innovation Index” released by China Automotive Technology & Research Center, Chery ranked global top 20 in the comprehensive patent index of intelligent interconnection field, and first among the self-brand automobile enterprises. In corporate overall innovation index, Chery ranked the top three among the self-brand enterprises.