Piloted Driving

The piloted driving is known as an important application scenario for IoT of “intelligent city”. When the piloted driving comes into reality, the driving mode changes. Human hands and feet are liberated. People within the vehicle can enjoy the third space, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc.

As one of China’s earliest automobile companies that have explored intelligent driving, Chery took the lead in laying out data information safety and commercial exploration of the piloted driving, and launched “Lion Intelligent Driving” focusing on the piloted driving technology platform.

In the aided driving, some of Chery’s vehicle models have been equipped with L2-level aided driving system in 2018. Currently, ACC, AEB, LKA, APA and other technologies have been applied to a full range of Chery products.

In the piloted driving, Chery independently has carried out development of the three generations of intelligent driving technology, and mastered complete key technology system from sensing, decision-making to control execution. The key technologies have been widely applied on various automobile platforms. Main products include: In the beginning of 2014, Chery built the piloted driving platform, and developed the piloted driving vehicle based on ARRIZO 7 platform, which has such functions as automatic vehicle following, active obstacle avoidance and vehicle lane keeping.

In 2015, Chery’s intelligent vehicle team allied with Baidu to develop intelligent driving technology. Through more than half a year of efforts, Chery’s Baidu intelligent vehicle made a stunning debut at “the 12th Five-Year Plan” National Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Expo in May 2016. In August 2018, Chery independently developed functions of completing “remote call-up and intelligent parking” via APPs.

In 2019, Chery’s self-developed intelligent driving solution has been applied to multiple vehicle models. Such solution has the following advantages: 1. The V2X technology is combined with the bicycle sensing intelligent technology to achieve function of the piloted driving from point A to Point B in the fixed area under urban working conditions; 2. The V2X technology is integrated with the low-cost high-precision coordinated positioning technology to solve the difficulties in independent parking, for example, the high-precision positioning technology is at a high cost, there is no mature positioning technology in the room; 3. The reinforcement learning algorithms are adopted to achieve decision control self-learning; and to achieve the complete process from simulative training to real vehicle test, which can provide foundation of simulative training and real vehicle test for atypical working conditions, extreme working conditions and other working conditions; 4. The self-developed functions of completing “remote call-up and intelligent parking” via APPs can solve the path tracking problem when the unpiloted driving vehicles enter underground parking lot, tunnel and other underground environments, and achieve full-area coverage of positioning signal; 5. The intelligent driving cloud service platform is built to achieve basic information management and maintenance of the piloted driving, path planning, real-time monitoring of piloted driving vehicle, data acquisition, etc.

In the piloted driving development conditions, Chery has obtained Chongqing Open Road Test Qualification and California Piloted Driving Road Test License Qualification in 2019, and Hefei Unpiloted Driving Test License in August 2020; Chery allied with China Telecom to establish a 5G intelligent automobile joint lab, and built Guizhou Province’s first 5G piloted driving test demonstration park in 2019.