Core Technologies of Automobile

In the core technologies of gasoline vehicles, Chery broke through the barriers of core technologies that were once monopolized by foreign countries, and became the first company that mastered the technologies in engine, automatic transmission, chassis, Engine Management System (EMS) and platform.

Chery Group currently has nearly 30 national-level innovation-oriented enterprises, technology centers and labs; has won the first prize of “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” once, the third prize of “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” for three times; and “Top 100 Chinese Innovators” “China Brand Innovation Leading Enterprise” and other honors for more than ten times.

Up to now, Chery Group has applied for more than 19,000 patents, and more than 12,000 patents were granted the patent right, of which 3,600 patents were the granted patents for invention, ranking top among national automobile enterprises. In the ranking of “2019 Automobile Patent Innovation Index” released by China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Chery Automobile ranked first among the self-brand automobile enterprises in the quality of the most valuable patents.

Engine Technology

At the beginning of Chery's birth, China did not have independently developed engines for sedan, and the imported engines that Chery was available were technologically backward. With the courage of “to conquer or to die”, through more than 500 days of arduous researches and technological breakthroughs, Chery successfully ignited its first engine on May 18, 1999.

Deciding to start the construction of a new engine platform in 2002, Chery had invested nearly RMB 1.8 billion in developing ACTECO engine with independent intellectual property rights with Austrian AVL, and cultivated its own engine R&D talents.

Later, Chery successfully developed 18 types of engines in the three ACTECO series through arduous innovations. Nowadays, Chery has created a series of advanced ACTECO engines which have undergone three generations of “evolution”. The total number of the engines which have come off the production line exceeds 8 million. What’s more, six types of Chery engines won the honor of “‘China Heart’ The 10 Best Engines”.

ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine is the first product of Chery’s third-generation engine, with an excellent power performance (maximum power of 145kW and peak torque of 290N•m). Its 37.1% thermal efficiency is better than that of other Chinese brand engines. Its technical parameters have reached the world’s advanced level. Such engine has been equipped with mid-to-high end vehicle models of TIGGO, EXEED, JETOUR and other Chery’s brands.

The 2.0TGDI engine in Chery’s third-generation engines has an eye-catching performance with a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N•m, which will be equipped with EXEED VX vehicle model for the first launch.

Moreover, Chery is one of China’s earliest automobile companies that researched and developed new energy engine. The latest 1.6TGDI hybrid engine, with a maximum effective thermal efficiency of 41%, which has been proved by thermodynamic development test, has reached the world’s leading level.

In addition to meeting its own needs, Chery has exported more than 500,000 sets of engines, of which at least a half were exported to the developed countries in Europe and America. Most of these products used Chery’s self-calibrated electronic fuel injection system, which has won a large market share and a high reputation in the market segment. Among them, the companies in Fortune Global 500 list - American John Diehl and Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries purchased more than 300,000 sets. Chery Engine Company has also become a “partner-level” (the highest level) supplier of American John Diehl for many years.

With the continuous improvement of Chery’s engine technology and product reliability, Chery can provide the engines for automobile products and produce supporting engines for general aviation, and is developing engines for UAV. Chery SQRD4D20 aero engine is a piston engine for general aviation with multi-fuel adaptability, which can use internationally general aviation kerosenes and automobile diesels, and has been equipped with a certain general aircraft which has been completed the first flight test.


Transmission Technology

As early as 2003, Chery began to develop CVT technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. Through seven years of efforts, Chery has completed a complete design and development process of independent design, verification and mass production. In the CVT R&D process, Chery has applied for and obtained 41 granted patents in product design, machining technology, assembling technology, test and other key links, breaking the monopoly of multinational companies over the high-end automatic transmission technology. The successful development of the Chery CVT not only fills in the domestic gap in automatic transmission, but also becomes another major breakthrough in the field of core components for Chinese automobile industry. Moreover, the Chery CVT won the first prize of “China Automotive Industry Awards for Sci. & Tech.” in 2013.

CVT25 is Chery’s second-generation 9-speed automatic transmission, which was shortlisted into “The World Top 10 Transmissions” in 2019. Such transmission, with an efficiency of 92.5%, can reduce fuel consumption by 7%, and increase 0-100 km acceleration time by 14%, compared with the first-generation transmission.

In the new energy transmission, Chery’s dual-motor multimode Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) can separately support 9 work modes, including pure electric drive, extended-range drive, parallel drive, direct engine drive, etc. DHT has three power sources, which can be separately driven in two different gears. On the one hand, there is no power interruption during the gear-shifting process. On the other hand, DHT can form 10 combined gears, which can bring the vehicle the better power performance and fuel economy.


Platform Technology

Chery is one of the Chinese automobile brands that take the lead in creating an automobile platform. Chery’s existing series of products are based on the four platforms: T1X, M1X, M3X and NEV. The platform-based technology has reached the industrially advanced level. Due to the development of the platform-based technology, Chery can launch new products into market with the more mature technology, the higher quality, and the faster speed, accelerate product iteration, and enhance market competitiveness.

T1X platform is a professional SUV platform, with leading, pioneering and strategic advantages. TIGGO 8, TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 5x are based on T1X platform.

M1X platform is a sedan platform, that mainly carries development and production of Chery’s A-class and A+-class sedans, and can be extended to support 7-seat MPV, hybrid and BEV and other products. ARRIZO GX and new ARRIZO 5 are based on M1X platform.

M3X is an intelligent, interconnected, electric, modular, high-end vehicle platform developed newly by Chery, compatible with sedan and SUV, which can develop traditional power and plug-in hybrid vehicle models; moreover, its expandable flexible bandwidth can achieve Chery’s cross-brand strategic layout. EXEED TX/TXL and VX vehicle models are based on M3X platform.

A green intelligent modular technology platform - @LIFE platform with proprietary intellectual property rights is created through multiple rounds of upgrading and evolution of the NEV platform. The @LIFE platform adopts the world’s original all-aluminum profile frame body, which can reduce weight by 30%, and increase rigidity by 20%; its material utilization can reach 96%; the recycling rate of its aluminum-based body can reach 100%; it adopts high-performance composite material as outer cover; it supports the interchange of the battery packs of the vehicle models at various levels, and can achieve expanded development of SD, SUV, MPV and other vehicle models; “short process” manufacturing technology simplifies the four processes in traditional production into two processes, reducing number of stations by 50%. The first new-generation high-energy pure electric SUV based on the new @LIFE platform - Ant has been officially launched.