Sharing Mobile Travel

With the development of big data, cloud computing and IOT technologies, it has become possible to recognize users’ characteristics deeply and gain insight into users’ demands. The future travel market requires the higher big data capabilities for automobile manufacturing and travel operation.

Chery’s self-developed IoV big data platform has such functions as automobile data acquisition, extraction and analysis of users’ driving behavior characteristics, vehicle fault analysis, etc., which can provide users with more high-quality, efficient vehicle use service.

The automobile public opinion analysis system based on big data can achieve real-time analysis of automobile industry data of the entire network, and integrate it into marketing and production planning to improve efficiency. The emerging automobile leasing based on “internet +” has the characteristics of “time-sharing leasing, pay-as-you-go, loan-and-return, energy-saving and environmental protection”, which can bring positive effects to individuals and the society.

In the sharing travel, in order to help Chery manufacturing enter global market and serve Chinese’s travel need, Chery Group set up a mobile sharing travel platform “Maika Travel” in May 2018, which is composed of a “capacity platform” and an “operating platform”; its purpose is to provide customers with high-quality efficient travel services by using mature automobile products and advanced interconnection technology through self-built online car-hailing vehicle travel platform.

Currently, “Maika Travel” online car-hailing vehicle platform has obtained online service capability certification issued by Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, and Wuhu’s operation qualification license for the online car-hailing vehicle platform. Up to now, the operation scale of the taxi business in Anhui Province has exceeded 1,000; the vehicle leasing business covers many provinces and cities across China, with leasing scale exceeding 1,000. The self-built “Maika Travel” online car-hailing vehicle operating platform, through continuous upgrading and improvement, currently has established a complete service system including pricing, operation, risk control, customer service and other functions.