Chery Global Quality Management System

The foundation of brand is quality, while the foundation of quality is system. Through years of independent innovation and quality management practices, Chery has gradually improved its quality management mode to satisfy Chery’s global plants. Through application and improvement of Chery’s 10 overseas plants, Chery has finally formed a global quality management system.

Implementing the quality management based on the same system and the same standard on a global scale is the management means and method to achieve quality policy and quality goal. Chery Global Quality Management System not only combines with internationally-advanced standard and management experience, but also integrates with Chery’s own long-term quality management practices. Such system can cover the total product life cycle, such as global product planning, design development, supply chain management, manufacturing, marketing service and quality system. It is Chery’s exclusive “secret” for success.

The establishment of the global quality management system means that Chery’s quality management has reached a new height. The reliability of new vehicle has got improved significantly. The vehicle models developed under the new system have stayed ahead among the self-owned brands in the corresponding market segment. According to the survey data of J.D.POWER (global automobile quality testing agency) in 2019, Chery’s new vehicles increased the product quality ranking by 26, exceeding most of international brands, and staying ahead among Chinese self-owned brands. In addition, Chery has won the gold prize of International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) for three consecutive times; and has won the honor of Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award for many times.