Global Fight Against the Epidemic
  • Donations: Chery Holding donated 10 million yuan to support the fight against the epidemic

    Donations: Chery Holding donated 10 million yuan to support the fight against the epidemic

    On January 28, 2020, Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd. decided to donate 10 million yuan to help prevent and control the epidemic.

    The 10 million yuan donated by Chery Holding Group includes cash, special ambulances, and medical protective materials such as medical protective masks, protective clothing, and goggles. They are mainly used to support areas with severe epidemics, such as Hubei (China) and so on.

  • Overseas procurement of medical supplies: starting overseas procurement of anti-epidemic supplies to help domestic epidemic prevention and control

    Overseas procurement of medical supplies: starting overseas procurement of anti-epidemic supplies to help domestic epidemic prevention and control

    After the outbreak of the COVID-19, epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. Chery actively responded to the call of the government and quickly started an urgent purchase in Chery's major overseas bases and overseas partner channels. Brazil, Russia, Kuwait, Israel, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Vietnam... In Chery's huge global partner network, a white "war” has started.

    On January 31, the first batch of more than 30,000 N95 masks and disposable medical masks purchased urgently from Israel, Central Asia and other regions arrived in China and were delivered to government departments. 

    In the process of overseas procurement, Chery overcame numerous difficulties together with its local partners. Due to time constraints, the overseas procurement was delivered by air. Most domestic cargo agents were not in business due to the Spring Festival, thus it was very hard to order the space. In Brazil, Chery’s local partners assisted its staffs to repackage anti-epidemic materials overnight to reduce their size, and helped them grab the earliest flight. In Vietnam, Chery's local joint venture partners ran here and there to contact with several medical mask manufacturers, and finally managed to round up the planned purchase quantity. In Argentina, Argentina SOCMA Group, Chery’s local partner, mobilized the entire company to find masks that meet medical standards in Argentina and donated 26,000 medical masks.

    From Brazil to Russia, from Israel to Kuwait, from Panama to Saudi Arabia, from Argentina to Vietnam... Chery, with the help of its global partners, purchased a total of 225,000 sets of medical materials from overseas. They were immediately sent back to China and donated to the anti-epidemic front lines, including Wuhan (China), and effectively relieved the material pressure during the most severe period of the epidemic.

  • The "reverse support” to overseas anti-epidemic war: imparting anti-epidemic experiences and supporting with anti-epidemic materials

    The "reverse support” to overseas anti-epidemic war: imparting anti-epidemic experiences and supporting with anti-epidemic materials

    While the domestic epidemic was relieving, the epidemic began to spread globally. Since the end of February, Chery's overseas dealers and partners in many countries have successively sent requests for help. The embassies of Uruguay and Venezuela in China also sent formal notes to Chery for support.

    The Chery Group immediately lent a helping hand to overseas partners and distributors. It successively sent more than 1 million pieces of medical supplies, passing on experience in fighting the epidemic, and offering various forms of aid to more than 20 countries and regions including Italy, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, and Russia. It has helped the overseas markets to pitch into the dual "defense war" of fighting the epidemic and work resumption.

    In the most critical period of China's epidemic prevention and control, Chery, with the help of its overseas partners, launched a "race against time” for an urgent procurement globally. This "reverse support" stemmed from the Chinese people's “retribution". It witnesses the true friendship between China and its friendly countries "to help each other and overcome difficulties together.”

    “Everything will be fine. If one thing was not good, then it is not the end. “Chery's relief supplies to Italy were not only tagged with the national flags of China and Italy, but also printed some messages in Italian to cheer them up.

    As the epidemic in Italy is particularly grim, Chery listed it as the priority in the aid list. Besides medical materials, it compiled an "Anti-Epidemic Treasure Book", which includes China's anti-epidemic experience and Chery's prevention and control measures, sent it to its Italian dealers. After receiving it, the Italy dealers were particularly moved. They described it as a “life-saving straw,” saying that they would translate it into Italian and send it to all Italians around.

    During the epidemic, Chery not only continuously sent emergency supplies and passed on experiences in epidemic prevention and control overseas, but also did its best to provide the assistance. Some overseas countries lacked experiences in diagnosis and treatment of related diseases in the early stage of the outbreak. Chery actively assisted Italy hospitals to contact with Chinese hospitals to provided remote diagnosis and consultation.

  • Production and donation of negative pressure ambulances: emergency production and donation of rescue equipment

    Production and donation of negative pressure ambulances: emergency production and donation of rescue equipment

    Responsibilities are seen in great events and difficulties, and true qualities are shown in danger and disasters. During the Spring Festival of this year, in the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Chery REV took the initiative to fight and returned urgently to work on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It successively undertook the urgent production task of 40 negative pressure ambulances in two batches issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT).

    Chery REV worked overtime for 13 or 14 hours a day to deliver all vehicles on time, overcoming many difficulties, such as the labor shortage during the Spring Festival, the poor logistics, the lack of core accessories like chassis, etc. During the Spring Festival of this year, all these negative pressure ambulances were sent to the front line of anti-epidemic in Wuhan (China), Anhui (China), Henan (China) and other places for the isolation and transfer of severely infected patients. They were the “armor” for the front-line medical staffs and patients in the fight against the epidemic.

    In addition to the emergency production of negative pressure ambulances, Chery Holding also donated 6 negative pressure ambulances to Wuhan (China) and Wuhu (China) at the end of February, adding further assistance to the front-line anti-epidemic actions.

  • Blood donation: young volunteers donated more than 30,000 milliliters of blood to relieve the anti-epidemic blood demand

    Blood donation: young volunteers donated more than 30,000 milliliters of blood to relieve the anti-epidemic blood demand

    After the outbreak of the COVID-19, affected by various control measures, the number of blood donors plummeted. The blood inventory of Wuhu Central Blood Station continued to decline, and it was difficult to relieve in a short time. The situation of blood collection and supply was severe.

    After learning about the fact, Chery Group employees responded positively and actively participated in blood donation. On February 26, 2020, in order to relieve the local clinical blood use and the emergency blood use demand in Hubei Province, Chery Group organized 108 young volunteers to participate in the blood donation in batches. They donated more than 30,000 milliliters of blood collectively to assist in the anti-epidemic actions.

  • Chery Rental Vehicle Pioneer Fleet: the “counter-marchers” during the epidemic

    Chery Rental Vehicle Pioneer Fleet: the “counter-marchers” during the epidemic

    COVID-19 brought the city's public transportation to a standstill. Wuhu, Anhui Province, the location of Chery's headquarters, ceased operations of all cruise taxis in the urban area since January 31, and significantly reduced its bus lines.

    The transportation department of Wuhu urgently set up a pioneer emergency service fleet composed of 55 volunteers. All of them are CPC members. They provided free services for the commuting of medical staffs, patient travels, emergency prevention and control tasks, etc.

    Nearly one-third of the members came from Chery Rental Vehicle Company, a subsidiary of Chery Holding Group. They are also the main members of the "Chery Rental Vehicle Pioneer Fleet". In just over 20 days, they rushed between hospitals and extremely poor groups. They provided more than 400 volunteer services for medical staffs, the elderly, the weak, the sick, and pregnant women on the front line, and delivered more than 20 emergency medical equipment. They were the “protector” of life channels in the city.

    Many recipients of the help from the pioneer fleet hoped to, out of gratitude, pay them in forms of red packets or fuel fees, with a total of nearly 4,000 yuan. All of them were politely declined by the fleet members. In order to support the pioneer fleet to continue to fight in the front line of anti-epidemic, some recipients tried every means to send instant noodles, anti-epidemic gloves, anti-infection spray. Even the son of one elderly recipient, who was in as far away as Tianjin, bought car pumps for the fleet to facilitate their overtime work and driving out. All these warmed the volunteers of the pioneer fleet, strengthening their confidence in the victory of the fight against the epidemic.

As a representative enterprise of Chinese auto brands and a leading enterprise in regional economic development, Chery Group takes serving the country by industry as its mission. It actively fulfills its multiple responsibilities to the country, the users, regional economic development, the society, people’s livelihood, the business partners,and our employees. It contributes the power of "corporate citizen" to the society, people's livelihood, and national economic development.
Sustainable Development
“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” Chery Group adheres to the concept of green and low-carbon development, continuously innovating its technologies and improving its products. It explores ways to get along with the environment and actively contributes to the development of an energy-saving and environment-friendly society.
    • Green Commuting

      Chery continuously explores the sustainable development of the environment and transportation. With technological innovation and application, Chery has actively reduced the fuel consumption and emission level of fuel-fired vehicles, and strives to develop new energy vehicles.Chery New Energy adheres to the car-making concept of being "safer, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly".

      With its breakthroughs in core technologies of new energy vehicles, Chery, based on the development trend of the industry, gradually accelerates its launch of new energy models. It will keep on launching products that are greener and more friendly to the environment, so as to fulfilling its historical mission. According to its plan, Chery will pair all car systems with corresponding new energy products to further green commuting.

    • Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

      Reduce the consumption of resources and energy and realize the goal of sustainable development of higher quality. Chery insists on putting independent innovation, green development and low-carbon development at the top of all its work. In strict accordance with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations and international conventions, Chery performs its responsibility to protect the environment in all its work, strengthening their assessment. It pays attention to pollution prevention, energy conservation and consumption reduction. To promote cleaner production and improve the utilization rate of resources, it focuses on researching the recycling of renewable resources, walking on the road of sustainable development of circular economy.

    • Circular Economy

      Circular economy is the only way to achieve sustainable development. Chery actively explores the recycling of renewable resources to promote the research and industrialization of green design, clean production, and rational recycling, reuse and re-manufacturing.

      Chery has jointly established, with well-known universities and research institutes, a research institute for green, environment-friendly recycling. The institute takes resource recycling and services, mineral oil recycling, the cascade utilization of power batteries and renewable resource utilization as its industrial development directions.