Taking serving the country by industry as the mission

Chery has established the ideal and belief of "serving the country by industry" since its inception, and has written "taking innovation as the driving force and serving the country by industry as the duty" into its mission.

Whether its persistence in innovation and firm grasp of core technologies for more than 20 years, or its belief in fulfilling its promises and becoming a "China Business Card" in the process of going global, Chery contributed, contributes and will contribute to the country's politics and economy, especially to the development of China's automobile industry, with practical actions.

As an important business card of "Created in China", Chery has always fulfilled its responsibilities to the country. It is committed to improving the international status of China's auto industry, creating its own international auto brand, and showcasing Chinese cars on the international stage.

In 2008, Chery's "Eastar" became the "limousine for the astronaut of Shenzhou VII Mission". The astronauts of Shenzhou VII, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng, took Chery's "Eastar" in triumph after their return from the space.

On October 1, 2009, the 60th anniversary celebration of New China was grandly held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Chery's automobiles participated in the 60th National Day float parade. It was the only auto brand that appeared in the theme exhibition of the mass parade, being reviewed by the nation as the "representative of independent innovation achievements”.

In 2013, the Continuously Variable Transmission technology (CVT technology), independently developed by Chery, won the "First Prize of China Automotive Industry Progress Awards for Science and Technology". The judges evaluated that Chery's CVT technology has filled the domestic gap in this technology.

In 2020, Chery New Energy’s project "Key Technologies and Equipment for Short-Process Research and Development and Manufacturing of Aluminum-based Lightweight New Energy Passenger Cars” won the first prize of the 2020 "China Automotive Industry Progress Awards for Science and Technology". It was the second time that Chery won the award.

In addition, Tiggo bulletproof vehicles from Chery were used for the assistance of Beijing Olympics security, Tiananmen Square security.  In addition, its 40 pure electric new energy vehicles acted as the office cars for Zhongnanhai. It performed well in these great events and major actions, demonstrating the graceful bearing of China's automobile industry.

In the international market, Chery has won the Top 20 of "Best Overseas Image" enterprises for five consecutive years, maintaining the first place in the equipment manufacturing industry. It has established a brand-new image of "Made in China" overseas.

In the future, Chery will continue to keep its initiative mind and stand up to its missions. It will integrate resources by conglomeration and develop related industries that complement each other with automobile manufacturing business, thus realizing the complementarity and sharing of resources such as technology, talents and supply chain. In addition, it will build an "automobile industry ecological circle" with global competitiveness via industrial cooperative development to achieve the dream of serving the country by industry.