To make users' life more wonderful

Chery keeps in mind its responsibilities to users. It is committed to identifying and meeting users' expectations. From its original intention of "building good cars that people can afford" to providing auto products and services that are safer, smarter, more energy-saving, more environment-friendly, more exquisite, and more convenient, Chery has continuously provided products and services that surpass users’ expectations. It helps them "create a wonderful quality of life".

"Satisfying customers" and being " responsible to users" are Chery's eternal tenet. To provide users with zero-defect products and considerate services is the goal of every Chery employee.

In terms of product quality control, Chery has established a bi-matrix and life-cycle quality management system and a "5 +1" quality management mode. They cover processes from product planning, design and development, supplier management, production and manufacturing, marketing services to system quality. Via the forging of its systems and processes, the quality of Chery's new cars is in continuous improvement. According to J. D. Power's data in 2019, IQS, a brand of Chery scored 92 in the New Car Quality Survey, reaching the quality level of a joint venture brand.

In terms of product safety, Chery has invested a huge sum of money to establish Asia's largest automobile safety collision laboratory. It has the world-class collision safety testing systems introduced from Germany, Spain, Britain and the United States, providing a strong guarantee for Chery to build high-quality products. With its abundant intellectual property rights and safety technology reserves, Chery Automobile's new generation of Tiggo 8 won the five-star safety rating of C-NCAP for 2 consecutive years. In addition, EXEED TXL won the "five-star +" safety rating of C-NCAP with a comprehensive scoring rate of 93.6%, ranking first among all intermediate SUVs under the latest C-NCAP rules.

In terms of service quality, Chery aims to focus on improving customer satisfaction. It strives to create high-quality service projects under the brand principles of offering "smiling service with 1-minute reception", "meticulous maintenance with triple quality inspections", and "on-time delivery and transparent consumption". It will try its best to perfect its services, guaranteeing service quality with technologies, and improving service efficiency with standardized operation specifications.