Group Profile
Chery Holding Group is a diversified enterprise group based on automobile industry chain.
Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chery") started in 1997 as an automotive manufacturer. Chery Auto, a subsidiary of Chery, is the first independent auto brand to achieve sales of over 1 million units in China. Chery entered a new stage of group development with the founding of Chery Holding Co., Ltd. (later renamed "Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd.") in 2010. Chery has operated in upstream and downstream sectors of the automobile industry and has developed into an automotive conglomerate with over 40,000 employees and total assets of over 120 billion yuan. Chery has upheld their core philosophy of "innovation, responsibility and win-win", taken upon itself to serve the country by industry, and aims to become an internationally influential and competitive conglomerate. Through integrating global resources, Chery has developed in a diversified manner with automobiles as its primary business, creating businesses such as automobile, automotive parts, finance, property and modern services. Chery has over 300 member enterprises, including Chery Automobile, Chery Commercial Vehicle, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Chery Finance and Chery Technology. Chery operates in more than 80 countries and regions, with annual sales of 150 billion yuan. With 10 million customers worldwide, including 2 million overseas customers, Chery has been China's largest passenger vehicle exporter for 19 consecutive years. With customers as our center, Chery has increased its operations in new fields such as new energy, intelligent connection, shared mobility, and platform and ecology, endeavoring to transform from an automotive manufacturer into an inclusive smart mobility service provider. With a full line of products, including new energy passenger vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles, new energy special vehicles and new energy buses, Chery has continuously developed innovative core technologies for new energy vehicles (NEVs) and launched the world's first lightweight electric technology platform. Chery's NEV-specific "short process aluminum framework technology" won the first prize at China Automotive S&T Progress Awards. Lion OS independently developed by Chery's Lion Tech has been upgraded to Version 5.0 with over 1 million users. Chery's HiGOPlat is the first mass-customized industrial Internet platform. Chery's "Maika Mobility" presents a new model of mobile travel. Chery's "iCar Ecology" offers one-stop all-scenario solutions. Chery has performed its duty in social responsibility by devoting itself to public welfare undertakings and conducting charity campaigns for environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation and educational donations worldwide. Over the past decade, it has planted over 1,000 mu of "Chery sand break forests" in the Gobi Desert of Minqin, Gansu Province, set up the "21st Century Eastar Scholarship", donated to the construction of "Xinqijun Hope Primary School" in cooperation with Chery owners, and implemented programs such as a "Reading Program for Stay-at-Home Kids". During the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, Chery went beyond to support the fight against COVID-19 by donating cash, purchasing medical supplies from abroad, manufacturing and donating negative pressure ambulances, and organizing blood donations. When sustaining heavy rainfalls hit Henan Province in 2021, Chery donated 35 million yuan in support of Henan's disaster relief efforts. Abroad, Chery has established China's first overseas automobile plant in Brazil, which has produced a total of 150,000 units to date; Chery outperformed other key brands in Chile to rank among the top three sellers in 2021. Having been listed among the "Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Overseas Image" five times in a row by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, Chery has become an icon in the globalization of Chinese brands. With the core value of "win-win", Chery has been committed to creating a pattern of win-win cooperation with shareholders, the industry, local governments, partners and customers. Chery has attracted over 1,000 local automotive enterprises and more than 30 out of Fortune Global 500 to Wuhu where it is headquartered, creating over 200,000 jobs. By doing so, Chery has developed a number of emerging industries such as industrial robotics, general aviation, new energy, modern agricultural equipment, intelligent interconnection, auto finance, tourism real estate and cross-border e-commerce, creating a dynamic "industry ecosystem" involving upstream and downstream enterprises. With the goal of "pooling outstanding talent from around the world, pursuing world leading technologies, owning independent intellectual property and building world-renowned brands", Chery will continue to uphold the spirit of "cottage industry", persist in customer & Internet-oriented development, keep expanding and strengthening the industry ecosystem, and make unremitting efforts to fulfill the dream of serving the country through industry and creating a wonderful life for mankind!
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  • 1997

  • 2007

    Incubation period of Chery Group(1997-2010)

  • 2010

    Establishment of Chery Holding

  • 2017

    Group-oriented development period(2010 - now)

  • 今天

  • 1995

    Chery Automobile project started its preparation.

  • 1997

    In March,Chery Automobile was officially established.

  • 1999

    In May , the first engine was off the production line.

    In December , the first Chery sedan was off the production line.

  • 2001

    In March , the first batch of Chery sedans were launched nationwide.

    In June , the 10,000th Chery vehicle was off the production line.

    In October , the first batch of 10 Chery sedans were exported.

    In November , Chery Technology was established to engage in investment and management of industry chain of automotive parts and components.


  • 2002

    In March , Wuhu Chery Taxi Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2003

    In March , the 100,000th Chery sedan was off the production line.

    In November , Chery Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established (predecessor of Zhuorui Real Estate).

  • 2004

    In April , the 200,000th sedan was off the production line.

    In September , Wuhu Recycling Resources Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

    In November , Chery SQR7160 series sedans won the first prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award.

  • 2005

    In April , overseas sales volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles.

    In October , China’s first self-brand automobile engine Chery ACTECO was born.

    In December , Chery’s first overseas subsidiary was established in Russia.

  • 2006

    In March , the 500,000th sedan was off the production line.

    In October , the 500,000th self-brand engine was off the production line.

    In December , the cumulative number of exported vehicles exceeded 50,000.

  • 2007

    In May , the cumulative number of exported vehicles exceeded 100,000.

    In August , the 1,000,000th Chery vehicle was off the production line.


  • 2008

    In March , the 1,000,000th engine was off the production line.

    In July , Chery won the honorary title of “Innovation-oriented Enterprise” awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

    In August , Chery Automobile (Wuhu) Ro-Ro Terminal Co., Ltd. was established.

    In December , the company won 2008 “China Charity Award”.

  • 2009

    In January , Chery energy-saving and environmental protection automobile technology platform construction project won the first prize of “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology”.

    In April , Chery HuiYin Motor Finance Service Co., Ltd. was officially opened.

    In June , Chery brand was shortlisted into the top 100 “National Business Cards”.

    In September , Chery vehicles participated in the float parade for National Day.

  • 2010

    In October , Chery Holding Co., Ltd. was established.

    In April , Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    In April , Ruiyuan International investment Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2012

    In November , Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automobile Co., Ltd. was established.

    In December , Chery's RV and campsite exhibition and experience park project officially started its construction.

    In December , Chery Automobile was first shortlisted into the Chinese companies ranked top ten in the number of the granted patents for invention.

  • 2013

    In April , Chery Automobile released new strategy and new brand image.

    In October , Chery's Continuously Variable Transmission Technology (CVT Technology) won the first prize of 2013 “China Automotive Industry Awards for Sci. & Tech.”

    In November , Chery's TIGGO 5 was officially launched in Shanghai.

  • 2014

    In March , Chery Automobile won the honor of “2013 China Automobile Enterprise Export Contribution Award”.

    In June , To Journey Wuhu Longshan Campsite started business.

    In August , the ceremony was held for the purpose that Chery Brazil Plant was completed and new vehicle was off the production line.

    In October , the first joint venture home-made vehicle model Chery Range Rover Evoque was off the production line.

    In November , Chery Automobile's new BEV model eQ was officially launched.

  • 2015

    In January , Chery Automobile ranked first in Anhui Province, and top ten in China in the granted patents for invention.

    In September , Chery Automobile ranked the third in “Best Global Image” in China.

    In October , Chery FS won the honor of 2015 China Best Automobile Finance Companies.

    In December , the 5,000,000th vehicle was off the production line.

  • 2016

    In March , Anhui Province Recycling Resources Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on NEEQ (Stock Code: 836474).

    In June , Chery was shortlisted into “China 500 2016” issued by the World Conference for International Brand.

    In September , Chery's new flagship SUV - TIGGO 7 was launched.

    In October , Chery won the honorary title of “National Quality Integrity Benchmark Enterprise”.

  • 2017

    In March , To Journey Investment Management Co., Ltd. was listed on NEEQ.

    In September , high-end brand EXEED was released.

    In October , Chery Holding Co., Ltd. was renamed Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd.

    In November , Kairui New Energy Company was officially established.

    In November , Chery Automobile reached a strategic contract with Brazil CAOA Group.

  • 2018

    In January , Jetour products series were released.

    In February , Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Anhui Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

    In April , Bethel was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 603596).

    In April , the intelligentization strategy brand “Chery Lion” was released.

    In August , Chery was shortlisted into “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”.

  • 2019

    In January , EXEED TX was off the production line in Wuhu Plant.

    In March , the new RV brand REV was launched.

    In August , Chery Commercial Vehicle's second-generation intelligent logistics vehicle Kairui Dolphin EV was off the production line.

    In November , Chery's third-generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine won the honor of “‘China Heart’ The 10 Best Engines 2019”.

  • 2020

    In February , Chery Holding Group donated RMB 10 million to aid prevention and control of the pandemic.

    In July , EFORT was listed on the science and technology innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688165).

    In September , Rayhoo Motor Dies Co., Ltd. was listed on the SMEs Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002997).

    In October , Chery New Energy won the first prize of “China Automobile Industry Award for Science and Technology Progress 2020”.

Business Structure
  • Automobile Sector
  • Parts Sector
  • Financial Sector
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Service Sector
  • Intelligent Sector
  • Automobile sector is a core industry sector of Chery Holding Group. Its scope of business covers R&D, production and sale of passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, minicar, special-purpose vehicle, special vehicle, powertrain and other products.
  • Parts and components sector focuses on the development of core technologies for key automotive parts and component.
  • Chery HuiYin Motor Finance is the first professional automobile finance company approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and jointly funded by Chinese self-brand automobile companies and Chinese local banks.
  • Real estate sector involves two major businesses: traditional real estate and tourism real estate (RV campsite). Zhuorui Real Estate has national first-level development qualification. To Journey is committed to being the first brand in Chinese campsite industry.
  • Service sector involves seven types of business: recycling economy, intelligent logistics, testing certification and intellectual property service, automotive aftermarket, mobile travel, two-way trade, cross-border e-commerce and free trade zone.
  • Intelligentization sector lays out digitization and intelligentization of the full life cycle involving R&D, manufacturing, marketing, user service and others.
Corporate Culture


To be a globally-influential and internationally-competitive diversified holding group.


Serve the nation with industry, drive development by innovation, pursue for excellence, aspire to be a leader in every field involved.


Pragmatic & Innovative

Keep pursuing innovations in technology, product, service and management, through pragmatic development, constant progress and keen innovation

Pursuit of excellence

Keep improving corporate value and creating excellent brand, through performance orientation, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence


Respect employees, customers and partners, and practice people-oriented concept with practical actions

Win-win cooperation

Achieve win-win interaction among customers, employees, partners and shareholders, through integrity, incorruption, cohesiveness, unity and cooperation