Karry New Energy

时间: 2020/09/24

Karry New Energy is a brand owned by Chery Commercial Vehicle, undertaking Chery Group's new energy commercial vehicle business. Its main products are aimed at new-energy municipal distribution logistics, light truck market and MPV online car-hailing market, providing customers with solutions of platform capacity integration, industrial ecology integration and service data platform. The brand business covers vehicle sales, leasing operation and financial services, after-sales/supporting services and big data platform services. It can provide customers with systematic solutions of various new energy logistics vehicles and online car-hailing through itself and integrating the internal and external resources.

Karry New Energy focuses on customer needs and provides high-quality, scenario-based, and customized products and services. It is a leading player in China's new energy logistics vehicle industry. In 2019, Karry New Energy brought over 1,000 stores into its service network, with 100% coverage in key areas, 90% overall coverage, and 70% market share in key cities. From 2018 to 2019, Karry New Energy maintained its No. 1 market position in the new energy logistics vehicle industry for these two consecutive years.