New Energy Vehicle

时间: 2020/12/15

The new energy vehicle industry is one of Chery’s key investment and development industries. In addition to enhancing competitiveness of its own new energy products, Chery attaches great importance to strengthening cooperation between upstream and downstream industries of the industrial chain to drive clustering of supporting enterprises and related industrial enterprises , thereby injecting “green energy” into regional economic development.

In terms of cultivating the industrial ecology, Chery is committed to promoting deep integration of automobile manufacturing with information communication, AI, new energy, new material and other technologies. Based on the new energy vehicle industry chain, Chery laid out battery pack, motor, vehicle controller, T-BOX communication control module and TSP IoV platform, etc. in the upstream industries, and automobile finance company, online car-hailing vehicle platform, new energy vehicle operation company, etc. in the downstream industries, thereby achieving overall layout of new energy vehicle industry chain.