Mobile Travel

时间: 2020/12/15

With the development of the sharing economy, a growing number of consumers choose online car-hailing vehicle and automobile leasing, and the scales of users and market continue to be expanded. Online car-hailing vehicle and automobile leasing have become an important battle field. Aiming at emerging business type of mobile travel, Chery Group has invested in cultivating a mobile travel brand “Maika Travel” in the modern service industry sector.

Maika Travel online car-hailing vehicle platform is Chery’s new attempt at “green travel & sharing economy” business mode. Since its operation, Maika Travel has brought consumers intelligent, efficient and convenient travel experience. The project operation is based on rigorously-screened well-trained certificated drivers on Maika platform and professional vehicles, so that the users can enjoy professional, safe, high-quality travel service while gaining a high degree of safety, which is widely praised by users.

By the end of 2020, the number of vehicles operating on the “Maika Travel” platform is expected to exceed 7,000. In the coming three years, Maika Travel is to create an online car-hailing vehicle platform with a scale of 50,000+ vehicles.