Recycling Economy

时间: 2020/12/15

In the recycling economy, Chery Group, as one of China’s earliest companies focusing on green development, established a subsidiary Anhui Province Recycling Resources Technology Co., Ltd. in 2004, focusing on research and development of recycling resources. Through a dozen years of efforts, Chery Recycling Resources Technology has developed into a comprehensive recycling resources company integrating recycling, remachining and remanufacturing. In 2008, the company was approved by National Development and Reform Commission as an automotive parts and components remanufacturing pilot enterprise; in 2014, the company obtained certification of engine remanufacturing ISO9001 system; in 2016, the company was listed on the New Three Board; in 2018, the company was recognized as Anhui Province New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Pilot Enterprise”.