Industrial Robot

时间: 2020/12/15

As an important carrier of intelligent manufacturing, the robot is known as “the pearl on the crown of manufacturing industry”. In the industrial robot field, Chery has incubated Chinese leading enterprise with the largest production and sales volume of home-made industrial robots - EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (EFORT). EFORT is also the first Chery-incubated company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

EFORT used to be an Equipment Manufacturing Department with less than 10 employees affiliated to Chery Equipment Department. In the past, the industrial robots on the domestic automobile production lines were imported; therefore, related technologies were restricted by the suppliers. To master automobile high-end equipment core technologies, Chery established Wuhu Chery Equipment Co., Ltd. to independently research and develop “Made in China” industrial robots. With the increasing development of technical strength and business, in August 2007, the industrial robot business became independent from Chery system. EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. emerged as the times required, and has rapidly grown into the first echelon enterprise in Chinese industrial robot industry.

Driven by leading enterprises, Wuhu, where Chery’s headquarters is located, has built a national-level Wuhu Robot industrial park and a Wuhu Robot Industry Incubation Base. After years of development, Wuhu’s robot industry cluster district has become an important base of Chinese robot industry, where the robot enterprises from all walks of life “give full play to their own strong points”. Some excellent robot enterprises have broken through key core component technologies, and took the lead in achieving localization of core parts and components, its approximation to international first-rate level in the robot body structure, increasingly-mature all-industry-chain development trend in the robot system integration. The self-developed home-made industrial robots have been applied to automobile manufacturing, medicine, sanitary ware, brewing and other fields. The robot industry has become one of the pillar industries of Wuhu local economic growth.