Modern Agricultural Equipment

时间: 2020/12/15

Under the guideline of national industry development policies, Chery Group successfully incubated a modern agricultural machinery industry cluster development base with outstanding characteristics and obvious advantages in Wuhu Anhui. Being one of the first batch of 14 strategic emerging industry development bases in Anhui Province, such base has clustered well-known enterprises such as Zoomlion, Y&C Engine, Guwang Dryer, Pengxiang Axle, Electrical Machinery, Jinguang Auto Parts, etc., forming a complete industrial ecosystem of modern agricultural machinery.

As of September 2019, Wuhu modern agricultural machinery base has developed into a manufacturing base with the completest agricultural equipment products series, from only two settled enterprises in the beginning to more than 100 settled enterprises involving machinery production, core parts and components and industry chain supporting (including 81 industrial enterprises above designated size), output value exceeding RMB 17.7 billion. Such base has achieved rapid growth and improvement in industrial scale, product types and product quality, with many indicators ranking top in China.