Overseas procurement of medical supplies: starting overseas procurement of anti-epidemic supplies to help domestic epidemic prevention and control

时间: 2020/09/25

After the outbreak of the COVID-19, epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. Chery actively responded to the call of the government and quickly started an urgent purchase in Chery's major overseas bases and overseas partner channels. Brazil, Russia, Kuwait, Israel, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Vietnam... In Chery's huge global partner network, a white "war” has started.

On January 31, the first batch of more than 30,000 N95 masks and disposable medical masks purchased urgently from Israel, Central Asia and other regions arrived in China and were delivered to government departments. 

In the process of overseas procurement, Chery overcame numerous difficulties together with its local partners. Due to time constraints, the overseas procurement was delivered by air. Most domestic cargo agents were not in business due to the Spring Festival, thus it was very hard to order the space. In Brazil, Chery’s local partners assisted its staffs to repackage anti-epidemic materials overnight to reduce their size, and helped them grab the earliest flight. In Vietnam, Chery's local joint venture partners ran here and there to contact with several medical mask manufacturers, and finally managed to round up the planned purchase quantity. In Argentina, Argentina SOCMA Group, Chery’s local partner, mobilized the entire company to find masks that meet medical standards in Argentina and donated 26,000 medical masks.

From Brazil to Russia, from Israel to Kuwait, from Panama to Saudi Arabia, from Argentina to Vietnam... Chery, with the help of its global partners, purchased a total of 225,000 sets of medical materials from overseas. They were immediately sent back to China and donated to the anti-epidemic front lines, including Wuhan (China), and effectively relieved the material pressure during the most severe period of the epidemic.